What are prismatic window stickers?



Handmade products

Plottkowski is not a dropshipping company. I also do not have my products manufactured or shipped abroad for me. All my products are designed, manufactured and shipped by me. Therefore, it is unfortunately unrealistic to compare my products with the prices of huge companies. Please understand this. There are always promotions where you can buy my products at a discount, but unfortunately the bills don't pay themselves and I live on my income from my small business.


My products are packaged in environmentally friendly materials. I print my product cards on kraft paper and use cellophane bags to send the sticker sets.

The remains of my sticker film are also processed into confetti, which are included with every order as a small gift. These can be given as gifts or used to find out in advance the best placement for the stickers on the window.

High quality

Since I manufacture and ship all of my products myself, I always have an eye on the perfect quality of my goods before sending them out. If you receive a product with defects, please do not hesitate to write me an email to lena@plottkowski.de. Please attach photos directly here, as the apparent defects can often be remedied.

Play and fun

Lastly, Plottkowski stands for fun!

I wanted to pass on the joy of my stickers with my company and it's fulfilling to be able to fill your home with a little color.

Your review photos always put a smile on my face and when I need a little encouragement, I always come back here.