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Window sticker set mushrooms with prismatic effect

Window sticker set mushrooms with prismatic effect

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My prismatic effect suncatcher stickers are the perfect way to transform your home or office into a kaleidoscopic wonderland! Simply stick it on your children's room, office, living room or car windows and enjoy the beautiful rainbow reflections created by the direct sunlight. They also protect our feathered friends by counteracting bird strikes.
The sticker is designed to last a long time and leave no marks when removed.
Add a little more magic to your life or that of your loved ones! ✨
The perfect gift for your next baby shower, birthday, wedding or any other occasion. A gift for him or her, for children and adults.

This set contains: 3 stickers

Dimensions: 3x 8.5cm height

Info: With caution, these stickers can be removed from the window several times and reattached to another location. To do this, slowly remove the sticker from the largest side of the window. This can result in unsightly fingerprints on both sides of the sticker. These can simply be “washed off” with a drop of detergent under lukewarm water. Carefully rub both sides of the sticker with the dishwashing liquid. Shake off some of the water and press it into the new place without moving the sticker, otherwise the adhesive will be damaged.

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